Bishop Gregory Cannon


Bishop Gregory Cannon has been a member of the AOH Church of God since March 11, 1976. I joined the AOH Church under the leadership of Overseer John Thomas at the age of 13 and I have served in many capacities in the church.

I served as assistant pastor from 18 years old to age 29 under Overseer John Thomas. I also served as district Youth and Sunday School worker for the South Carolina district until 1998. I served as assistant Overseer until 1998 when I was appointed Overseer. I became a pastor under the leadership of the late Bishop Lemon Bell. I served as Pastor of Victory Temple AOH Church of God from June 1991 to the present. On March 4, 2003 I was appointed to pastor Rice Temple AOH Church of God in Montgomery, Alabama. 


 Rice Temple AOH.JPG

Rice Temple AOH Church of God
601 Clayton Street | Montgomery, AL 36104


Bishop Gregory Cannon -

Consecrated Bishop in the
AOH Church of God in 2007

Serving since 2007 Burnettown,
South Carolina and Montgomery, Alabama